Equipment List

At HFT Outfitters we believe attention to detail makes the difference between a good and a “GREAT” hunt. As such, we are proud to provide all the latest waterfowling equipment, meticulously maintained and thoughtfully organized for efficiency in the field to ensure your trip is an overwhelming success.

Our equipment list includes:

  • Steel shot ammunition (available at cost).
  • Well maintained trucks and cargo trailers to safely haul you and your gear.
  • A full spread of Final Approach portable blinds, full body decoys, spinning wing decoys, silhouette decoys, floaters etc.
  • Decoy bags/backpacks for evening hunts.

As expected, Saskatchewan waterfowling presents the potential to encounter the same cold, wet and often trying conditions we all love! Temperatures may vary significantly ranging from balmy T-shirt weather to blowing, snowy conditions requiring good quality, cold weather gear, especially getting into mid and late October.

Your personal packing list should include:

  • Shotgun
  • Ammunition (available at cost)
  • Locking gun case
  • Calls
  • Warm, insulated camo clothes, gloves and hat
  • Camouflage face mask
  • Good quality boots
  • Cooler to transport game home
  • Camera, video camera, spare batteries & SD cards
  • Personal items and clothing