Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you hunt private or public land?

We hunt private land. In fact, the essence of the service that we provide hinges on access to the thousands of square miles of harvested cereal grain and legume crop that are privately owned that the birds feed on each day. Firstly, scouting is critical to the success of your hunt, and we expend considerable time, energy and expense every morning and evening, scouting and identifying where the birds are traveling and feeding. Secondly, access to these fields is not always easy to obtain. It is our presence in the community for generations, building relationships with neighboring landowners and ensuring we always treat them with respect that ensures your group’s success and continued access to prime habitat.


2) What is the maximum number of hunters per group? 

The maximum number of hunters per group is six. We limit this as we feel it is the largest group size that still allows a quality, safe experience.

3) How many groups do you take at one time?

We only take one group at a time, thus ensuring the best possible experience for our clients.

4) What are the bag limits per day? What is our possession limit?

The daily bag limit is 8 dark geese of which 3 can be speckle bellies, 20 white geese and 8 ducks. If you are lucky enough to exceed our possession limits we will have the birds cleaned and donated to ensure you are able to hunt each day.

5) Do we have to keep all of the birds we harvest?

We encourage everyone to bring a cooler and take as many birds home with them as possible. However, we understand that given certain travel logistics this can be difficult and we will arrange to have the birds donated.

6) Do we have to clean the birds ourselves? What is the cost of bird cleaning?

Professional bird cleaning is available for $5 per duck and $7 per goose. The birds are cleaned, packaged, labeled and frozen to meet Federal Export specifications. We believe that pooling the birds each day and splitting the costs evenly amongst your group is the fairest way to manage bird cleaning costs.

7) Do we need to bring waders? Do you hunt over water?

No you do not need to pack and transport waders. We scout hard to hunt over classic spreads of field decoys. We purposefully choose not to shoot over water and not disturb the birds on their roost and maintain it as a safe zone.

8) What are the best dates to come on a hunt?

Although the season opens at the beginning of September, often times harvest is still underway and we run the risk not having the main thrust of the migration underway. As such, we hunt the 5 core weeks of the season when the main migration is underway.

9) Do I need to wear any blaze orange in the field?

No, blaze range is not required for waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan.

10) Do we hunt new fields each day?

Yes, we make every effort possible to scout and acquire access to fresh fields everyday. On occasion, we will shoot a field that is really hot twice in a row, for example a hailed out pea or barley field that the birds simply cannot resist.

 11) How much hunting pressure is there?

There are other hunters in the area during key weeks, however, we pride ourselves on our ability to scout and secure fresh fields and have exclusive access to several key areas.