Hunt Details

Premier waterfowl hunting opportunities are found as a result of the habitat surrounding small, remote rural communities steeped in tradition and rich in agricultural heritage. Your experience with HFT Outfitters is no exception.

The fields nestled along the shores of Lake Diefenbaker and Lucky Lake set the stage for you and your group to experience and enjoy one of the most incredible waterfowl migrations in North America. As highlighted by the attached documents we are located in the heart of the Central flyway.

What You’ll Hunt

The extraordinary combination of unique hydrological features and the abundance of cereal and legume crops in the surrounding area give rise to the perfect opportunity to pursue the continents most abundant and concentrated population of Greater White-fronted geese. Aside from Specklebellies, Snows, Ross, Blues, Canada geese, Sandhill Cranes and numerous species of ducks are prevalent in the area and are common visitors to a decoy spread.

What You’ll Experience

HFT Outfitters is very excited to have the opportunity to host you and your group on a 3 day Canadian waterfowling adventure. Hunts are based on a Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Saturday schedule with the core of the migration occurring the last two weeks of September and the month of October.

Your hunt actually starts long before you arrive as our staff will be out each morning and evening scouting prior to your arrival. Each evening an active field is identified and land owner permission is obtained in preparation for the morning hunt. Orchestrated long before sunrise, morning activities are focused on field shoots for ducks and geese utilizing traditional decoy and portable layout blind set ups.

A typical morning shoot may end anytime between 9 am and noon at which point equipment and birds are gathered up and we head back to the lodge for the midday meal.

During the evening hours hunters will find themselves back in the blinds in a fresh field, hunkered down focusing on filling their daily bag limit of ducks. Once regulations permit all day hunting for geese on the 21st of October, field hunts for geese may also be conducted in the evening depending on the success of the morning set up.