Scouting Program

It’s an incredible feeling when it all comes together! A member of your group points out the first wave of geese or swarm of ducks fast approaching in the early morning twilight. Just in time you get settled in your blind and close it up tight, hunched low to avoid detection. Before you know it there are hundreds of birds overhead cautiously surveying your best bag of tricks in the form of decoys, blinds and calls. The whistling wings are cupped up as they circle for one last pass and inspection, slowly losing elevation, feet down, necks stretched.  Your index finger is firmly and precisely placed on the safety as you hunker lower in the blind praying they throw caution to the wind, muscles are tense and eyes are straining to see behind you to track the birds. Every nerve is screaming and ready to react as you wait for your cue. In an instant the birds circle, drop from the heavens with reckless abandon and your guide calls “Take Em”! In a flash you leap into action and do your part, breaking the blind open and mounting your gun in one swift, confident motion as you bear down and obtain a sight picture on the big Greenhead or fully mature, heavily barred Speck committed in your shooting lane. The volley of shots rings out and birds fall from the sky! The guides lab breaks from his blind on command and you enjoy watching several well executed retrieves as laughter fills the air and you relive the moment with your buddies, recounting the events.

This scenario is what we live for and although it seems easy when it all comes together, we realize it takes tremendous effort and resources to orchestrate. The magic in tipping the odds in your favor lies in working very hard at scouting and identifying fresh fields for every morning and evening shoot. The migration conditions, weather, harvest and feeding patterns are all interconnected and are very dynamic. The HFT Team spends tens of thousands of dollars on fuel and drives thousands of miles per week scouting fresh fields and obtaining landowner permission on your behalf.